December 10, 2021

FDA Issues Improvement Plan Focused on Modernizing Foodborne Illness Outbreak Responses

This plan is designed to help the FDA and their partners enhance the speed, effectiveness, coordination and communication of foodborne outbreak investigations. They are confident that the actions outlined in this plan will in turn translate into activities focused on enhancing the prevention of outbreaks.

overhead irrigation in a farm field
December 02, 2021

FDA Proposes Changes to Food Safety Modernization Act Rule to Enhance Safety of Agricultural Water Used on Produce

On December 2, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed rule that aims to enhance the safety of produce. It proposes to require farms to conduct comprehensive assessments that would help them identify and mitigate hazards in water used to grow produce. This is the latest step in the agency’s implementation of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and it proposes to replace some of the existing requirements for agricultural water in the Produce Safety Rule (PSR).

packshed handbook on a wooden  table
November 30, 2021

Read the December NCR FSMA newsletter.

farmer working on farm equipment
October 29, 2021

Inside the newsletter, you can read information about upcoming meetings for those who work with niche audiences; an answer from Kristin Esch about cardboard box re-use; and two new success stories.

cardboard box with green peppers inside of it
October 08, 2021

At a recent inspectors' meeting, the issue of reusing cardboard boxes was discussed.  FDA Produce Safety Expert Kristin Esch wrote this response.

apples in a plastic crate
September 29, 2021

In this newsletter, you'll find information about the October professional development meeting; translation updates; and new resources.

powerpoint presentation screenshot
September 17, 2021

Angela Shaw re-capped the 2018-2021 grant accomplishments. 

line drawing of two speech bubbles
September 10, 2021

New translations of the PSR and PSA manual are now available.

August 31, 2021

The September newsletter has been sent out.

outline of the state of Wisconsin
August 25, 2021

A fall PSA Grower training season kickoff has been scheduled.

figure comparing knowledge gain from in-person courses and remote PSA courses
August 16, 2021

The results of the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training knowledge assessments were released today.

two blackberries on a white background
July 29, 2021

Read the August 2021 newsletter for the NCR FSMA.

line drawing of a computer with check boxes
July 20, 2021

Are you responsible for completing the final federal financial report for your state CAP grant?

July 13, 2021

An Update from Janet Woodcock, M.D. and Frank Yiannas, M.P.H.


July 06, 2021

A reminder of how to connect with rTAN prior to an inspection

drip irrigation system on a field under plastic
June 29, 2021

Inside this newsletter, you’ll read Joe Hannan’s good-bye note; information about the upcoming meeting with FDA staff (submit your topics of conversation by July 15); and our latest success story about a grower in Missouri.


speech bubbles
June 18, 2021

We had a quick listening session in June.  If you have ideas for utilizing funds from a possible no-cost extension, please enter them in the Qualtrics survey.

June 07, 2021

Minnesota is hosting a remote Spanish-language PSA training on June 19 & 26.

12 pictures of herb leaves
May 27, 2021

Read the June 2021 NCR FSMA newsletter.

line drawing of two people with light bulbs above their heads
May 26, 2021

More FSOP awardees will be presenting at the June Roundtable.

first page of the executive summary
May 24, 2021

For four years, the NCR FSMA has worked with PSA trainers to conduct a follow-up survey with grower training participants approximately one year after taking the course. 

line drawings of a binder, a training, and an online certficate
May 20, 2021

Catch up on this month's listening session.

line drawings of a truck, a person with a smart phone, and a field
May 19, 2021

On May 18, the FDA released two announcements.

computer keyboard with the phrase "submit your manuscript"
April 30, 2021

This month’s newsletter includes two invitations to submit manuscripts, a reminder that mini grants are still available, and a virtual summer internship opportunity for a student. 

three sinks
April 15, 2021

Byron Chaves, Cindy Borgwordt, and Janssen Hang shared about their FSOP awards at our last meeting.  


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