Water Rule Book Club

June 18, 2024

line drawing of a brain over a book, with the word "knowledge"We are holding a “Water Rule Book Club” via Zoom and you are invited.  Our plan is to collectively read the entire updated PSR Water Rule over the span of 3 months and meet every few weeks to discuss what each segment says/means.  To participate, you need to willing to complete the reading assignment before each meeting and attend as many meetings as possible.  Our goal is to efficiently seek clarification and consensus in our interpretation of the new guidelines.  

All meetings are from 12N to 1PM Eastern Time.  The dates and reading assignments are listed below.  Contact us for calendar invites and the Zoom link.

The 72 page document has been broken down into 7-10 page chunks with stopping points that coincide with the end of comments.  The schedule is as follows:
June 21st            Pages: 37448-37454       (light reading and acclimation to book club)
July 11th                       Pages: 37454-37460       (Item V to comment 6)
August 1st         Pages: 37460-37467       (Comment 7 to Comment 16)
August 15th             Pages: 37467-37474       (Comment 17 to Comment 34)
August 29th             Pages: 37474-37489       (Comment 35 to Comment 53)
Sept 11th                     Pages: 37489-37496       (Comment 54 to Comment 77)
Sept 26th                     Pages: 37496-37504       (Comment 78 to Comment 101)
October 7th              Pages: 37504-37511       (Comment 102 to Comment 123)
October 21st           Pages: 37511-37519       (Comment 124 to Item XII)
November 4th      Summary and discussion of educational plan of attack (or a make-up date if needed)


If you must miss a date, please still complete the reading assignment so that you are prepared to join subsequent discussions.

Please let Heather know if you have any questions or concerns! We hope to see you at the “Water Rule Book Club!”