Communication Survey

April 24, 2024

Communication Survey

wooden figures with thought bubbles above their headsA brief communication survey was taken by the NCR FSMA in the spring of 2024.  During a regularly scheduled webinar, participants were asked five questions.  Thirty people attended the webinar, and 23 of them answered the questions.

An online Qualtrics version of the survey was also open for one month.  The link was shared in the newsletter (which is sent out to approximately 200 people) and at the April webinar.  Three additional people responded.  A total of 26 people answered at least one question.

Here are the results of the survey

How often do you read the newsletter?
     15 people- every month
     8- most months
     2- occasionally
     0- Rarely or never

What is your preferred method to receive the newsletter?
     17- PDF attachment
     7- Mail Chimp, etc.
     2- Link to a website
     1- Text

Do you know that the NCR FSMA has a social media account?
     5- Yes, and I’ve seen it
     4- Yes, but I’ve never seen it
     17- No

Have you ever:
     19- shared an NCR resource
     16- shared a resource you learned about through the NCR
     10- invited someone to a webinar/meeting/watch a recording
     19- made a connection with another person through an NCR event

Do you know how to raise concerns or make suggestions?
     8- Yes, I could do
     15- I could figure it out
     2- I’m not sure