Annual Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the April 2 virtual conference.  We had 92 people attend at least part of the day!  Along with the schedule, you'll find the powerpoint slides from each of our presenters, the COVID-19 resources that were shared, updated information from Theresa Klamen, and the script for Ben Marshall's song.

Thank you to everyone who presented- Theresa, Juan, Angela, Marianne, Eko, Don, Jordan, Annalisa, Lebo, Nick, Caitlyn, Phil, Vivien, Scott, Dan, Ben, Katelynn, Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Julie!  We definitely appreciate all the time and effort you spent preparing for the conference and your flexibility switching gears for a virtual conference.  And thanks to everyone who was working to plan the Wisconsin conference and the hands on/ discussion activities there- Shawn, Heidi, Don, Phil, Annalisa, Kristin, and Lisa. 

Please be sure to fill out the evaluation survey.  We’re all still learning about virtual conferences, so we’d appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

April 2, 2020
NCR FSMA Virtual Annual Conference

8:00- 8:15        Welcome / Introductions

8:15- 9:00        What are the inspectional issues we are seeing? / FDA updates

9:00- 9:15        Break

9:15- 10:00      Poster Session / Lightning Round Talks

10:00- 10:15    Break

10:15- 11:15    Interaction of other FSMA Rules with the Produce Industry       

11:15- 11:30    Poster/Lightning Rounds, continued

11:30- 12:00    Wrap up BSAAO Scenario

12:00- 1:00      Lunch

1:00- 2:00        How do we measure behavior change     

2:00- 2:15        Break

2:15- 3:00        Walk through rational and reasoning of FDA Research and Extension Gaps

3:00-3:10          Break

3:10 - 3:40       COVID-19 Updates and discussion

3:45- 4:00        Wrap up and Thank you’s



This work is supported by the Food Safety Outreach Program [grant no. 2018-70020-28877] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.