drawing of a computer screen with four faces on itThe NCR FSMA helps to organize and facilitate various meetings throughout the month.  The listening sessions / webinars are open to everyone, but the other meetings are for specific groups.  Contact us if you'd like more information or if you need the Zoom call link.

For more information on the annual conference or the 2019 BSAAO Workshop, please use the dropdown menu above.

For information on upcoming meetings, please click on the name of the meeting:
NCR FSMA Annual Conference
Fall Professional Development Meeting

Monthly Meeting Schedule:
First Friday, at 9am Central time: Inspectors meet for presentations and discussion time for state inspectors to improve consistency

Second Tuesday, at 10am Central time: Program Managers meet to discuss CAP grant requirements in their state

Third Thursday, at 2pm Central time: Listening sessions / webinars offer presentations on a variety of topics, designed for educators

Third Friday, at 9am Central time: Inventory/Data group meets for discussion time