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Resources Developed by NCR FSMA

Water Testing Resource

  • Total Coliform-Positive Well Water Test: Now What.  NEW DECEMBER 2023.  Agricultural water used during harvest and postharvest should be the microbial equivalent of drinking water.  Protected ground water normally has no detectable coliform bacteria in 100 mL. Presence of total coliforms indicates vulnerability to surface intrusion. Presence of generic E. coli indicates that feces has intruded.  Corrective actions in response to total coliform-positive well water can vary; depending on the use of the water it may be important to understand and address the conditions that led to intrusion.  If the total coliforms in the water include generic E. coli, corrective action is a priority; immediately stop use as drinking water or in contact with produce during harvest and postharvest, then find and resolve the cause.

Employee/Volunteer Training Guides

Scenario Discussions

Fact Sheets

Checklists and Exemption Calculators


Produce Safety Contacts

Do you work with growers near your state border?  Do they ask who to contact for land they own/rent across the border?  Some of our partners have asked for a quick reference sheet to hand out, especially in situations where they can't get cell reception to search online for a contact person.  You can find produce safety contacts for all the bordering states of each of our 12 North Central Region states in this contact reference document.  You need to be an NCR partner to access this document, so please let us know if you need access.  

Water Testing Labs in the Region

Water testing lab maps are updated by the map owner as needed.  Resources that may help you create a map or assist in communication with the laboratories include:

Online quizzes about Value Added Products 

Resources Developed by Partner Organizations

logo for NCFSEN with the words and canned food

Food Safety Best Practices for Local Food Entrepreneurs- The purpose of this publication is to provide information about best practices to maintain safety standards for products sold by local food entrepreneurs. Regulations vary in each state, so be aware of your location’s specific requirements.

Prodcuce Safety Alliance

The Produce Safety Alliance provides several resources for use in PSA Curriculum classes to help farmers understand and be compliant with the rule.

The Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety The Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse is a curated source of Produce Safety and Preventive Controls for Human Food related resources.  Anyone can search and view the resources linked to the clearinghouse by using one or all of the search tools (type, topic, state, and/or keywords). The is a national tool to find supporting materials developed across the country or tools developed in your own state.  Resources that have been peer-reviewed are labeled as such.

Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides guidance and fact sheets to help processors, farmers, and educators understand and be compliant with the rule.

This work is supported by the Food Safety Outreach Program [grant no. 2018-70020-28877 and grant no. 2021-70020-35732] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.