Training Guides

first page of the Harvest manualThe PDF's of the Training Guides are linked (at the bottom of this page) in small files or you can download them as PDF's, Powerpoint presenations, or Publisher files.  The Powerpoints and Publisher files are edit-able, so you can insert information about your farm.

Some of the Pre-Harvest, Harvest, and Post-Harvest information overlaps (for example, handwashing procedures), so you may choose not to print every page if you are using all three guides.  The Powerpoint presentation has a combined guide.

How to use this training resource 
Trainers can provide the information to workers in one sitting, or spread out over several periods of time. It is estimated the entire presentation would take at least one hour or broken into mini sessions of 5-10 minutes.  The pictures are intended to face the staff while the trainer reads from the page behind. 

You can set up a projector and show as a power point if training a large group, or simply use a tablet when showing to 1 or 2 workers.

The photos could be printed off and placed in a binder (we suggest enclosing in a plastic sleeve to protect them) with the script on a separate page for the Trainer’s use. Again, this approach will work for a smaller group.  You can buy a presentation binder that stands on its own or use a regular binder and prop it up on a cereal box.

The photos could be enlarged, printed, laminated, and then taped to a Flip Chart for display to a larger group.

Guides as PDF's