PSA Follow-up Survey Reports Release

May 24, 2021

first page of the executive summaryFor four years, the NCR FSMA has worked with PSA trainers to conduct a follow-up survey with grower training participants approximately one year after taking the course.  Results show that the vast majority of growers who responded to the survey have made changes to food safety practice, infrastructure, and/or equipment since taking the training. This is true of farmers no matter their FSMA coverage status.

New in 2021, the survey asked questions to assess the effectiveness of trainings offered via remote delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Results showed that respondents were satisfied with remote delivery trainings. They also made changes at a higher rate than participants in face-to-face trainings, but the results are not statistically significant due to a very small sample size.

Read the whole report and the executive summary on the Impacts Page.  Reports for individual states were sent directly to state leads.

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