Year 1 (2017) focus: The North Central Region food safety team evaluated home food preservation knowledge and behavior changes as a result of education offered in several Midwestern states

five glass jars with fermented vegetables in themthree bowls with strawberries, fresh, frozen, and dehydrated



Please explore the research-tested home food preservation information and recipes provided on the websites of states in the North Central region.

three glass jars of jelly

three jars of pickled vegetables




Committee Members:

Atina Rozhon, Purdue University  
Barbara H. Ingham, University of Wisconsin
Eileen Haraminac, Michigan State University 
Jeannie Nichols, Michigan State University
Julie Garden-Robinson, North Dakota State University                      
Londa Nwadike, Kansas State University and University of Missouri
Shannon Coleman, Iowa State University
Susan Mills-Gray, University of Missouri
Joyce McGarry, Michigan State University
Michelle Jarvie, Michigan State University
Hope Kleine,  South Dakota State University
Megan Erickson, South Dakota State University