Accomplishments through 2018

January 14, 2019

Conducted meeting with our Extension Partners, State Leads, and Department of Agriculture, Produce Safety Alliance, and FDA staff:
     Five NCR FSMA virtual meetings
     Eleven optional listening session calls

Developed a needs assessment for growers and another for processors:
Had much better response with the growers than processors
     Used the results to determine needed additional resources and began developing them

Created one resource and have 16 currently under development:
Wildlife Management Guidance
     Value Added Product Guidance: Pickles and Relish; Fermented Foods; Jams and Jellies; Frozen and Dehydrated
     Practical Record Keeping: Exemption Worksheet and record-keeping envelope
     On-Farm Training Guide for Employees and Volunteers
     U Pick Guidance
     Guidance for Wine, Hops, Wine Grapes, and Orchards
     Domestic Animals Guidance
     Biological Soil Amendments Guidance
     Bodily Fluid Clean Up on the Farm

Topics we partnering with other organizations to address: 
Organic Production Group - Georgia Organics and another Organic groups
     Plain Community - The Ohio State University and Michigan State University

Other resources in development:
Interactive quizzes for Value added products processors 
     Additional record keeping documents for on-farm use
     Four Hmong videos have been recorded and currently are in post-production with recording by Hmong actors for voiceover narration. English subtitles are included

Provided monetary support to increase capacity:
     Supported multiple trainers attending a PSA or FSPCA train the trainer course
     Distributed funds to state leads to be used to support trainings in individual states.  Each state lead allocated the funds to where they would be most helpful for their unique situation

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