Remote Produce Safety Alliance Trainings

These remote trainings are sponsored by Midwest trainers and have agreed to open some spots to growers in other states.

Schedule of upcoming PSA courses:
Oct. 14-15, sponsored by the PSA
Oct. 20, sponsored by Michigan State

Nov. 5, sponsored by Kansas and Missouri (limited to KS and MO growers and regulatory personnel)
Nov. 10, sponsored by Michigan State

Dec. 1, sponsored by Michigan State
Dec. 1 and 2, sponsored by Iowa State
Dec. 2 and 3, sponsored by the PSA
Dec. 8 and 9, sponsored by Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  (Registration link will be open soon)

Jan. 12, sponsored by Michigan State
Jan. 13 and 14, sponsored by Iowa State

Feb. 2 and 3, sponsored by Iowa State
Feb. 9, sponsored by Michigan State

March 9, sponsored by Michigan State