October 23 Meeting

The North Central Region Center for FSMA Training, Extension, and TA would like to learn how this gathering will impact your PSA classes and the farmers you work with.  Please take this three question survey to help us gather feedback.


Access all the Videos and Documents from the meeting.


Agenda (Eastern Time) and Videos

8:30       Check in

9:00       Go live via ZOOM, welcome and introductions

9:15        Outreach Team descriptions

  • 3 minutes per national or regional group to describe PSR outreach program
  • 5 minutes per state to describe state enforcement status and PSR outreach program

 States overview

  • CAP status of your State
  • Regulatory Agency in your State
  • Enforcement authority type
  • Significant variations from FSMA base code, or the NASDA OFRR processes

All groups (States and Collaboratives)

  • Description of your outreach team
  • Collaboration with other groups?
  • PSA Grower Training in 2018/2019
  • Related outreach?
  • Response from your farms?

National/Regional Groups                          
Group                                                   Representative              

Produce Safety Alliance                       Don Stoeckel                    
PSN-CFSAN                                         Theresa Klaman               
PSN-ORA                                             Daniel Gorski                    
North Central Region                           Joe Hannan                        
IFAI                                                      Sandy Martini                   
Local Foods                                          Billy Mitchell                                     

State Groups
State                     Representative

Illinois                  Zack Grant
Indiana                 Scott Monroe
Iowa                      Joe Hannan
Kansas                  Londa Nwadike
Michigan              Kristin Esch
Minnesota            Val Gamble and Annalisa Hultberg​​​​​​​
Missouri               Bart Hawcroft and Joyce Rainwater
Nebraska              Caitlyn Andrews
North Dakota        Holly Mawbry ​​​​​​​
Ohio                     Matt Fout and Lindsey Pender ​​​​​​​
South Dakota        Rhoda Burrows
Wisconsin            Kristin Krokowski


10:30     Break

10:45     PSR updates; Discussion of recent FDA guidance documents and video (PSA -- Don)

11:15     OFRR updates; Summary and observations from the 2018 season (MSU – Phil)

11:45     Lunch

12:30     Best Practices for PSA Grower Training Courses

  • Using the Pre- and Post-course tests for gathering national effectiveness data (NCR – Joe)
  • Brief introduction to PSA supplemental materials (PSA – Don)
  • Demonstrations (3 minutes per demonstration, 30 minutes total)
    • Overview:  Lead Trainer module synopsis strategy (K-State -- Cal)
    • Module 1:  The process flow of all regulatory modules (PSA -- Don)
    • Module 2: Use of fluorescent powder (Glo-GermTM) to test hand washing (Iowa State -- Joe)
    • Module 3: Ranking risk of different types of amendment (PSA -- Connie)
    • Module 4: Poop pillows to demonstrate no-harvest zones (PSA -- Don)
    • Module 5.1: MWQP calculation (MSU -- Phil)
    • Module 5.2: Mixing and monitoring sanitizer, such as Sanidate (UMN -- Annalisa)
    • Module 6: Colorimetric sanitation check swabs (Purdue -- Amanda or Scott)
    • Module 7: Lot numbering/traceback (MSU -- Phil)
  • Open discussion for remainder of time

1:15        Deeper Dives into Turbulent Waters

  • Up to 5 minutes to present information
  • Up to 10 minutes of discussion
    1. Food hubs, auctions and other complicated purchasing scenarios - what is a qualified end user? (UMN -- Annalisa)
    2. Exemptions and exclusions, the never-ending challenge (PSA -- Connie)
    3. What trainers should know about domestic audits (e.g., Harmonized), international audits (i.e., FSMA 3rd party certification), and FSMA PSR inspections (PSN -- Daniel)
    4. Discussion about reaching diverse populations: tribal, diversified/sustainable, traditionally underserved, immigrant, Plain farmers (NCR -- Joe)
    5. When State requirements affect “appropriate” ways to meet PSR requirements:  wastewater, animal control, manure handling, biosolids (MDARD -- Kristin E)
    6. PSR status of hops, wine grapes (PSN -- Theresa)
  • Open discussion for remainder of time

3:00        Sign off