Job Openings

June 5, 2019

The Intertribal Agriculture Council is conducting a nationwide search for highly skilled and qualified individuals to fill two positions within the American Indian Foods Program.

About American Indian Foods
American Indian Foods come from coast to coast in the United States and are grown on the pristine lands of Native American Nations or raised in their natural waters. Many of these products are still harvested in ways defined hundreds of years ago. Native American communities are a close knit group as many of them gather families and friends together annually to harvest, celebrate, and give thanks.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council started the AIF program in 1998 under contract with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. The partnership was developed as a platform for American Indian food businesses to showcase their products and share tribal cultures with the world. 

AIF Program Director
The Director of American Indian Foods is responsible for directing the day to day operations and providing fiscal accountability for the USDA/Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), and American Indian Foods Program. The Program Director will ensure the program complies with all Federal regulatory requirements. The AIF Program Director is supervised by the Director of Programs. 

AIF Program Assistant
The Assistant Director will provide assistance to ensure the program complies with all federal regulatory requirements. This position is a multi-tasking position under the direct supervision and guidance of the American Indian Foods Program Director.  

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