Job Opening

February 4, 2021

The Produce Safety Alliance is hiring a Mid-west Regional Extension Associate.  As a key member of the PSA team, this person will be responsible for planning, organizing, instructing, and evaluating PSA training programs for produce growers, extension educators, and regulatory personnel in their region. 
Due to extensive national and international collaboration established by the PSA, it is anticipated the MW REA will interact with a diverse population of individuals and groups with specific emphasis in the Midwest including, but not limited to, State Departments of Agriculture personnel, commodity groups,  Land-Grant University personnel, and the FSMA North Central Region Center for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance (NCR FSMA Center) collaborators.  The MW REA will facilitate and provide leadership for in-person meetings as applicable, conference calls and webinars and be directly involved in training other individuals to use the developed curriculum; provide continual feedback to PSA leadership through preparation of regional impact reports, training evaluations, and outreach activities; and participate in weekly PSA team calls.  Must be willing to travel regionally and nationally a significant amount of time (~50%) pending COVID-19 control, including non-traditional and weekend work hours.  This position will be located in the Midwest U.S. with exact location being flexible within the 12-state region.  Position will be supervised by the PSA Director, Dr. Elizabeth A. Bihn.