FDA ORA’s Office of Training Education and Development Webinar

August 20, 2019

FDA ORA’s Office of Training Education and Development has released a webinar from 2018.

The Extension Agents Produce Training Inspection Webinar is available for viewing on FDA’s YouTube at https://youtu.be/NWFQxJPIVPw and FoodSHIELD at https://www.foodshield.org/discover-tools-links/training-videos/extension-agents-produce-training-inspection-webinar/

This training webinar provides awareness of fundamental concepts of a produce farm inspection and provides helpful information to Extension Agents as they assist farmers in understanding the inspectional process.  The following topic areas are discussed in the webinar:

  • The basic training curriculum FDA and State regulators complete as they prepare to conduct a produce farm inspection
  • FDA and State “Steps to prepare for a produce farm inspection”
  • The inspectional approach used by FDA and States as they conduct produce farm inspections.
  • A discussion regarding FDA and State definition of an egregious condition
  • An approach to Inspectional outcomes & enforcement for produce farm inspections
  • Listing of Produce inspection resources